Sunday, December 17, 2017


Sunday December 17th
Dye Experiment
using old dried Indigo
 One from the last church garden plants
three years old
 One from Peggy dried in a microwave also old
Steeping in hot water
More on this later.

Greasy hands result in lousy Photos

Baking Pumpkin Loafs
Mix contains flour, spices and baking Soda
2 boxes
 Making a DOUBLE Batch
with 2 extra eggs
 Where they call for vegetable oil,
I use a full cup of coconut oil
 Where the recipe says water,
I use Buttermilk
An Hour Passes while I watch 2 New season Episodes
"Last Tango In Hallifax"
A British comedy-drama series on BBC One. First broadcast on 20 November 2012, twenty episodes have aired. Screenwriter Sally Wainwright loosely adapted the story of her mother's second marriage. Starring Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid as Alan and Celia, former childhood sweethearts, who are now in their seventies. Reunited via Facebook, they meet, fall in love, and plan to marry. 
Reid and Jacobi enjoyed having the chance to play out a love story between older people Sarah Lancashire and Nicola Walker star as Caroline, Celia's daughter, and Gillian, Alan's daughter, respectively. Other characters are played by Nina Sosanya, Tony Gardner, Ronni Ancona, Dean Andrews, Sacha Dhawan and Josh Bolt. The series has been praised for its depiction of the older generation, strong acting, and believable dialogue. A critic for The Daily Telegraph summarised the series as "a triumph against TV's ageism", and it has been endorsed by an executive member of the charity Age UK. Ahead of the American premiere, a critic for the Los Angeles Times described it as "the best new show of the fall". Last Tango in Halifax accrued four nominations for the 2013 British Academy Television Awards and won the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series.


Glazed with a mix of powdered sugar, water and orange extract.They will spend the night in the fridge covered in wax paper.
In the morning the ones in glass will be cut into one inch squares and transferred to a serving platter for the zendo Holiday party tomorrow evening. The other four are gifts to be wrapped for three friends and one for me to eat :-->

The apartment smells like a happy childhood.


"In all things of Nature, there is something of the marvelous"
(see link)

Saturday Home
Deer Antler
(found in the Catskill woods many decades ago)
The Day Outside
(dreary, damp and chilled)

First Chore
Made 20 copies of my Holiday Leaf Letter
Tomorrow I will add the text and Glitter

The lovely Lisette
(my always helpful friend at the local copy store)

I left the original in the machine but didn't discover that until after the store had closed until Monday. Sent an email so we shall see if it was saved
Next Chore
My local pharmacy carries homeopathic remedies I need and much more
(see link)
Gift Shop
Next door to the Pharmacy
Catholic church on the corner lit for Christmas
 Then some local food shopping, unpacking and storing, cooking rice, chicken and pears, doing accounts, answering emails and checking Facebook where the sad news that the long watch of many months is over for my dear friend and long time writing buddy, Barbara Hohenberg who posted a wonderful photo of Pierre at her Face book page


Aristotle Primer

Prohealth Pharmacy

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Cold all Day
Tonight the temperature will plummet to nineteen!
(Guardian Owl)
Sun Arrives through Closed Curtains
(paints itself on my painting)
 Watched by a toy Sparrow that Sings when Squeezed
(a gift from a past Holiday)

looking East out my Front Window
(Then various chores and creations: dyed some items with walnut and onion skin successfully-two need more work, did hand laundry, read blogs and emails. cooked, ate, washed dishes and took several naps)

For Throwback Thursday

 The complete 1982 video with original introduction. Sensitive animation based on the book "The Snowman" by Raymond Briggs.
(27 minutes and 19 seconds)


Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Perhaps something monumental happened sometime
a long long time ago,
just out of reach of conscious memory.
Only the body remembers in synapse and musculature...
...wakes to watery images rising up and swimming away.
The maze of worldly existence leads me I know not where.
Tell me a story of the magic that is hidden in mind.
(7 minutes)


Jackie Morris

Monday, December 11, 2017


Noon 38 Degrees
Looking East out my Front Window
Washington Square Arch
 The first of what will eventually be hundreds of installations by artist Ai Weiwei has now arrived under the Washington Square Arch in Washington Square Park
(See Link)
Washington Square Tree
(little birds twittering within)
Knitting Ornaments for sale in the Park

Every year my dear friend Michael gives me a ticket to the Christmas Concert at Judson Memorial Church
He's a member of the West Village Chorale
Before the Concert
Two Hours later, having enjoyed a wonderful program and sung along, I realized I never took any photos of the Chorus! Here's a peek at the rehearsal
Taking a rest stop before leaving Judson church
I Photographed a few Signs
This is just some of what Judson is all about.
(see link)
Home at 8PM
The warm up Corner


Ai WeiWei

Sunday, December 10, 2017


From noon, wet snow fell on Manhattan.
Out back in the alley between our two buildings...
 ...Westward looking out the front window
and Eastward toward the East River.

Since noon, Santa-Con kids roam the streets of this neighborhood

and every neighborhood across the City,
following prompts from their cell phones
 From bar to bar getting drunk.
(These two girls were very cold and unhappy)
  Wise cabbies stay clear so that the only rides are those like 'Uber' or one of the other call in car services.

Having made the mistake of lying down to watch the much anticipated next episode of "Doc Martin", I slept through it. I was awakened near 10:00 by a booming party in the apartment below me, just in time to catch the end of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" when, at around 11PM my upstairs neighbors began slamming doors and stomping around, in protest I think to the noise below. Then suddenly silence. The party had moved to the street awaiting car services to take them elsewhere. It's often like this on weekends. Such is life for us elders with Millennials and College kids having moved in at a ratio of ten to one. I have adapted by staying up nights in the gaps between assaults, sleeping in most mornings. When I was Twenty something, someone asked "Where do you see yourself in fifty years?" Without hesitation I answered "Retired with a comfortable income, by the sea in a two room cottage in Ireland with a studio out back, a little land for a kitchen garden, a sturdy pony and cart for visits to neighbors, Doctors and the nearby villages, a couple of cats and a big friendly dog."


"Doc Martin"

"Four Weddings and A Funeral"

Friday, December 8, 2017


The Tree

The difference is light, which the twittering
negotiations of sheltering sparrows does not dim.

Nor does the din of hundreds of onlookers
alter their cadence or volume even one decibel.

Yes, the season of enraged consumption
has officially opened even the paupers purse.

Free goods are offered, whetting appetites
to need what might surely be simple whimsy.


 My Work Table
 Butter-n-Eggs and Veronica
 Kindness Rules
 Everything Comes and Goes
 The Golden Ball
 Pomegranate Seeds