Thursday, August 17, 2017


time traveling
Throwback Thursday
(I've had all these references ready in a draft since July something when, having returned to feminist texts on art from the seventies, I was thinking about a new blog post. Real life intervened and it never got constructed, so, on the heels of the horrific current world news, here it is if you wish to wrap your head around the topic.)

Once upon a time, humanity had a mother...
"A view of the culture, religious beliefs, symbolism and mythology of the prehistoric, pre-patriarchal cultures of Old Europe, who revered and celebrated the Great Goddess of Life, Death, and Regeneration in all her many forms, of plants, of stone, of animals and humans, by the scholar who has made the exploration of these cultures her life work."

(one hour and forty three minutes)

Marija Gimbutas was a Lithuanian-American archeologist known for her research into the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures of Old Europe. Her works published between 1946 and 1971 introduced new views by combining traditional spadework with linguistics and mythological interpretation."  Stunning Film:

"Signs out of Time"
(1 hour and 1 minute)


Merlin Stone
"When God was a Woman"

Marija Gimbutas
"The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe"(1974)-"The Language of the Goddess" (1989)-"The Civilization of the Goddess" (1991)

The Goddess In Art
With Starr Goode
(each episode is 30 minutes)

Maria Gimutas

Joan Iten Sutherland

Savina Teubal

Hallie Iglehart Austen

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Hi There...

Sonnet 29

What you See is What you Get
Sure seems to be mighty dark out there in the big bad world, but something unexpected happens when the mind is clear enough to see squash blossoms in a box on the street at shin height when walking quickly to get somewhere on time...
...or to notice the elephant in plain view on Third Avenue which has been there for years
... or to stop a minute, take the time to read messages on signs one passes every day:
"Jesus walked on water so he wouldn't have to take the Subway"
I'm on the Bus heading Uptown
Trader Joe loves everyone.

On the bus again-uptown and crosstown to Lincoln Center
Best attended concert of the summer the guards told me. I roamed and only took a few photographs because most of the time I was dancing--just me and Cora Cane with a thousand or so other people.

Snapping images
Dressed so fine
Being close
All enjoying the free event, mild weather, the Great Bonnie Raitt and her very fine band.

On the way I met a swell Swiss photographer here on assignment who shot a lot of photos of me (eek) and showed me his new daughter and wife back in Zurich. Very sweet. Hope he sends me some shots (said he would). I thought I shot one of him on my camera but it wasn't there so I didn't.

There was some protesting nearby-very civilized-educating and recruiting quietly.
...and an activist-entrepreneur selling Anti-Trump buttons

Waiting for the bus to take me Home
"If music be the food of love, play on,Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,The appetite may sicken, and so die."
(Act One, Scene One, lines one through three from Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare)
I've been in love with Bonnie Raitt since the seventies. Although I can't show you the concert from tonight, and everyone knows she's a blues master (B.B.King said so) but she delivers this ballad straight to my heart.

Monday Night at the Zendo
Saying Farewell to lovely Mary Remington,
Founding member leaving after ten years invaluable service.
Expressions of gratitude to the Sangha and From the Sangha
 Then Snacks
Champagne and Strawberry Shortcake


Thursday, August 10, 2017


Monday Night
While taking a midnight constitutional I gleaned
selects from the two full bouquets placed neatly at the top of the trash in front of the Lexington Avenue Hotel.  Scored two perfect Lilies...
 ...and two sunflowers.
The world and local news has me in a thought grip and I turn to sleep like some folks turn to the Medical Profession or the medicine cabinet. Meditation helps but too often these days I'm unable to quiet myself enough unless meditating with a group (and I can't always get to the Zendo).  Sleep, though temporary and though it steals time, works for a while.
Anxiety Doodle

Early Tuesday Morning
The news informs us that our President will return from his golf course "working vacation" in New Jersey to his New York City penthouse atop Trump Towers Sunday night for three days of traffic congestion, Protests, closed streets and extra work for the police force. First visit since his inauguration. That makes Manhattan a renewed prime target again I think--and would rather not think.

All day waiting for the Super to fix a Plumbing Problem. He had said to phone at 11AM--I did--left message, and again at noon--he said he was downstairs in the apartment below me snaking their drains and would be up right after. I waited till 3--no call and no show. I went to the library nearby returning two due audio books and taking two more...
...home again I saw the Super outside on the sidewalk stacking trash bags--When asked why he didn't phone, he got defensive/aggressive-claimed he couldn't 'adhere' to my schedule and needed a key...a noted change from our past interactions. He had gone to lunch after, but i didn't add to his distress--simply arranged for another attempt tomorrow.
Made me sad.
I took another twenty minute refresh/reset nap...
then back out to the hardware store to get one key made for $2...
...ordered a Medico key copy as well but that has to be sent out, takes a week and costs $20 I would rather not have had to spend just now. Then, vacuumed three rooms, washed the kitchen floor, had a snack and napped again.
Could life be any more exciting?

Posted this at Face book today:
"Nuclear News in Four Minutes"

This morning after reading my morning pages, despairing somewhat at our lack of wise leadership,
I was reminded of this song

At 11 O'clock I phoned the super and he came right away, we made friends again.  He snaked the old toilet and tightened some internal flush mechanism. It's a little better. He said that next week when he finishes two apartments that have to be painted, he will remove the toilet and snake the system deeper. It should take about four hours. He and I both understand that this landlord would not choose to replace the whole thing and I'm not about to shake up my situation with a court case. It will have to suffice.
It is what it is because it is.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Today I wrote this single word
My search for rhymes--absurd.
three hours spent on this word.
 Not one...
 Not one more...
 Not one more word.

Post Script

Saturday, August 5, 2017


July wilts into August
Tuesday August 1st 2017

"All the news Fit to Print"
The New York Times as Coverlet with the "Daily News" for mattress

Wednesday evening after "Readings From the Masters" monthly gathering with Joan Suval of Ananda Ashram where I spent several years as part time resident.
(see two links)
Flowers Joan gave me shared with my wheel-chaired bus companion.

Transcribing and Editing 
Mondays Prompt resulted in a flash fiction piece titled 
(I will post here as soon as I figure out how to attach a page)

Blue Night over Manhattan

Practically Free Vacation
Traveled to  the wild coast of Ireland while reading a neighbors discarded New York Times over a breakfast of sliced egg on buttered toast.
(cost approximately $ .48)

Ten elders (9 gals and 1 guy) at the Stein Senior Center on East 23rd street watching "Lion" after the $2 lunch. 
(see link)
 Movie Trailer

Overheard Conversation
"I'm due this weekend!"

Neighborhood regular with hand-carved walking stick.
(note: not friendly-fierce)

Looking West Friday evening at 7PM, temperature a balmy 80 degrees.
Food Shopping
Sign at exit from "Trader Joe" Third Avenue at 32nd Street

"Think Big"
(see link)
Jim Rennarts Sculpture
Now outside 222 East 34th Street

 "National Society of Colonial Dames" 
Civic Club East 34th Street
(see link)

Anonymous Boys Laughing
Zipping up after peeing on the Epiphany church garden on Second Avenue at the corner of 22nd Street.


"Readings From the Masters"
Ananda Ashram

The true Story
The Film Trailer

"Think Big"
Began at Union Square now moved to E. 34th Street

Society of Colonial Dames